🍂🍂🍂 Welcome Fall! 🍂🍂🍂 KAM Plastic Snap Sale!!! $3.00 for 100 Sets (Choose from 130 Colors) KAM Plastic Snaps Sale and More September 16 2018


🍂🍂🍂 Welcome Fall! 🍂🍂🍂  KAM Plastic Snap Sale! We are running a number of KAM plastic snap sales including $3.00 for 100 Sets of any of our 130 colors so you can get started with some crafts before the holiday season is upon us.  Check them out in the links below* (no coupons necessary):

100 Sets of KAM Snaps in Size 20 for $3.00 (Regularly $3.50+)

  • Size 20 (0.5" - 12.4 mm) snaps are our most popular size and can be used for most general projects like baby diapers and clothing. They are our most popular plastic snap size, have the largest color variety, and have a good strong hold.


100 Sets of KAM Snaps in Size 16 for $3.00 (Regularly $3.50+)

  • Size 16 (0.4" - 10.2 mm) snaps are most commonly used for baby and toddler clothing, doll clothing, pacifier clips, mama pads, and small crafts.


Mystery 1000 Kam Snaps/Plastic Snaps for $22.95 (Regularly $34.95)

KAM Snaps 10 colors_mystery

1000* Kam Snaps/Plastic Snaps for $18.95 (Regularly $34.95)

Snap Mix Pic

Exclusive to I Like Big Buttons! Friends and Fans!!! Good Through Wednesday (9/19) on our website (Links Above). *Supplies may be limited.