FLASH SALE!!! 50 Badge Reel with Clip 1.25" (32 mm) $15.00 per each set of 50 (Normally $22.50) July 31 2017

50x 1.25 inch (32 mm) Badge Reel with Clip and Retractable Cord (24" - 61 cm cord length)

These adorable Badge Reels can hold your ID for work, school, or play. Embellish them with fabric cover buttons (size 45 expose a small rim of color; size 60 fully cover the badge face), bottle caps, or stickers.  An adhesive such as E-6000 works great for attaching your crafty items.

The possibilities are as big as your imagination!

Link To Flash Sale Listing

Exclusive to I Like Big Buttons! Friends and Fans!!! Good Through Wednesday (8/2/17) on our website. *Quantities and Colors may be limited to supplies on hand.


Happy Fourth of July! Celebration Sale at July 02 2017

Our Fourth of July celebration starts early this year!!! Before we prepare to celebrate another amazing 4th with our family, I wanted to give all of you our Celebration Deals so you can get started with some great summer crafts.

Coupon Codes (Good through Wednesday 7/5/17 on our website):

FOURTH5 for 5% off of orders over $25

FOURTH7 for 7% off of orders over $50

FOURTH10 for 10% off of orders over $100

FOURTH15 for 15% off of orders over $200

***BONUS: Don't forget that US orders over $70 also get upgraded to free shipping!!!

Happy Fourth of July from our family to yours!!! Have a great snappy holiday week!!!

I Like Big Buttons! and All Buttons big and small :)


I Like Big Buttons! Friday Fun Facts: How We Prepare Our Plastic Snaps And Why June 30 2017

For all our new friends and followers of I Like Big Buttons!, it seemed like a great time to introduce you to our amazing Plastic Snaps!!!  For those of you who have been with us for a long time, here is a refresher.

We carry a variety of package deals for our snaps from 10 sets, 25 sets, 100 sets up to thousands of KAM snaps with and without pliers or professional press all at a great price. We have a listing for just about everyone at the price range and quantity you desire.

Unlike other vendors, our KAM plastic snaps are optically counted.  This means every cap, socket, and stud is counted, and the amount purchase is assured to be at or above the purchased quantity (we allow overcounts, but not undercounts).  Plastic snap batches can vary by 5% or more in weight (even between batches of the same color), so if your vendor is weighing them, you may not be getting what you paid for.

25 packs sets came to be largely for cloth diapers.  Most customers that replace Velcro on cloth diapers with snaps have numerous diapers in varying colors.  Many found purchasing 100 of each color wasteful, as they ended up with 75% of their snaps left over.

We provide the best of both worlds, smaller packs to those that want greater variety and larger packs for those looking to use snaps in bulk.

Some of these reasons we offer these great options include:

*A large demand from customers for just 25 snaps to convert or complete a single diaper.

*An equally large demand for “just a sampling of every color”, which gave birth to our sets of 10 and Starter Packs.

* More compact, informational packaging that includes the name, quantity, prong length, and instructions about which Die and Rod to use.

* We also offer individual parts in quantities of 100 and 1000 in all of KAM Plastic Snaps 130+ colors.

If you aren't sure how to jump into plastic snaps, we also carry starter packs including multi-packs of 10 or 25 sets of snaps.  If you are new to snapping, we have starter packs with plastic snap pliers, awl, and an instructional DVD.  These Starter Packs are a great way to get addicted :).  We have 18 preset themes including Rainbow Spectrum, Pastel Spectrum, Vibrant Boy, Vibrant Girl, Patriotic, Military, and many others. 

Check out our convenient Starter Packs:


We also offer an option to choose your own colors.  You can pick from any of KAM Plastic Snaps 130+ fun colors. Have you taken a moment to check out our new easy to navigate KAM Snap Visual Ordering Chart with new lower pricing!?!

KAM Snap Vision Ordering Chart

Here is our chart of available colors, we carry over 130+ great KAM Plastic Snap colors.



7 Of My Favorite Craft Quotes - I Like Big Buttons! June 28 2017

I love crafting quotes; they are so clever. Here are seven of my personal favorites. Each one makes me laugh out loud and holds at least for me, more than a grain of truth.


Friday Fun Facts - What is your Shipping and Handling turn around? June 23 2017

We often get questions from our customers about our shipping and handling time. We have it posted on our site, but here it is for your convenience.

"Orders purchased before 3pm Pacific time are typically prepared for shipment the following business day in our 9am pickup."

Here are some reviews of our shipping from our happy customers:

★★★★★ Super fast shipping as always!! I can't stop making these buttons!!

★★★★★ Perfect, super sonic shipping, A+++ seller!

★★★★★ Great customer service, expedient delivery, excellent communication. Product exactly as described. Will use this shop again for sure.


★★★★★ Wow Super Fast Shipping!! Totally impressed and will definitely order again!! Great product!

★★★★★ Super fast shipping! Thanks!!

★★★★★ Excellent Lightning Fast Shipping I totally appreciate that and product is terrific I highly recommend this shop!!

★★★★★ thank you for super quick shipping Thank you.

★★★★★ Once again I am very happy with these snaps! You absolutely can't beat the price or the color options here and the shipping is so fast!

★★★★★ Perfect item. Fast shipping. Smooth Sailing.

★★★★★ I love using the KAM snaps. The really prompt shipping from "I like big buttons" was surprising. I ordered one day and shipped the same day. Got them the next day. I will be shopping with them again soon.

★★★★★ lightning fast shipment, above quality snaps

★★★★★ Great Items....can't wait to use them. Thanks for the fast delivery.

★★★★★ AMAZING service. Shipped out the next day. Had in 2 days! Will definitely be doing business with this company again! Thank you so much!

★★★★★ great merchandise and fast shipping makes buying easy

★★★★★ Everything was great. Shipped faster than expected and packaging was more than expected.

★★★★★ Perfect and super fast shipping!

★★★★★ They got here days before estimated arrival time.

★★★★★ This is a repeat buy. I reordered because they have the products I want at a good price. Quick delivery!

★★★★★ Quick shipping and an excellent price.


As always, there are exceptions to these customers reviews. We, just like our customers, are at the mercy of the US Postal Service, but on a whole, more than 99% of the time, they serve us well. We love our local US Postal workers who make shipping your packages a delight. If your purchase is taking longer than you had hoped, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,

Gena (CEO of


I Like Big Buttons! Product Video: What We Carry June 22 2017

Check out - A family-run craft supply shop with a large variety of plastic KAM Snaps & accessories, Key Fob Hardware, Cover Buttons, Pacifier Supplies, Metal Findings and more! We are constantly expanding our selection of crafting supplies for you.

Happy Father's Day Weekend from I Like Big Buttons! June 16 2017

We hope this finds you enjoying the Dads in your life and celebrating them. I am so grateful for my Dad, my Father-In-Law, all my Brothers, and most of all my Handsome, Sweet, and Loving Husband who is the most Amazing Dad I know!!!
With Love,
I Like Big Buttons And All My Little Buttons!
To celebrate Father's Day, this weekend (6/16 - 6/18) only take $10 off of $50 on our website, using coupon code: DADROCKS
***BONUS: Don't forget that US orders over $70 also get upgraded to free shipping!!!
Happy Father's Day to all!!!

I Like Big Buttons! - How to make a Fabric Pacifier Clip with KAM Snaps, MAM Ring or O-Ring and an KAM Plastic Pacifier Clip for Button Style Pacifiers June 13 2017

Today, I am making a pretty Fabric Pacifier Clip for Button Style Pacifiers using our silicone MAM rings and O-Rings. Pretty & functional! :)

Supplies for a Fabric Pacifier Clip with Button Style Pacifier Adapters:

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 1


1.  Choose a piece of Fabric, cut it to the dimensions: 14" x 3 1/2", the finished product once ironed, folded and sewn will be approximately 7/8" wide x 12" long.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 2

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 3

2.  Fold both 3 1/2" wide ends in 1/4" and iron flat.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 4

3.  Now fold and iron the fabric in half the long way (14" length).

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 5

4.  Then fold and iron again, bringing the outer edges to the middle "iron line" and iron along those edges. Repeat on other side.

5.  Re-iron the seam so that the Fabric is smooth and flat, it should now be 13 1/2" long x 7/8" wide.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 6

6.  Open the top of the Fabric strip and trim the excess internal fabric at an angle so that there is less chance of the ends peeking out when sewn together.  Repeat on the other end.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 7

7.  Pin the Fabric strip in a couple places to keep it in place.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 8

8.   Sew a 1/8" seam all the way around the piece making sure to back stitch at the start and finish to set the seam.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 9

9.  Now installed a Cap and Stud about 1/2" from the edge and the mating Cap and Socket about 1 1/2" later so that the center of the two KAM Snap parts are about 1 1/2" or more apart.  Any closer and I found I had trouble getting the MAM Ring or O-Ring Adapter to sit neatly inside.   I used Size 20 snaps for this tutorial but either Size 20 or Size 16 will work great.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 10

10.  Repeat on the other side, that will hold the Pacifier Clip.  I, then, feed the Pacifier Clip and MAM Ring Adapter onto the ribbon and snapped it into place.  It may have been easier to thread on the pacifier clip before installing any Snap parts but I was able to feed it through without much trouble.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 11

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 12

11.  Tada!  Now time to add the Pacifier.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 13

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 14

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 15

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 16

12.  Simply stretch the MAM Ring or O-Ring around the Button Style Grip on the Pacifier and it will settle behind it and hold the Pacifier securely. Now snap the Pacifier in place, attach to your child's shirt and go.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 17

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 18

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 19

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 20

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 22

13.  As pictured, the MAM Rings hold the same way as the O-Rings only with a less subtle profile.

Fabric Pacifier Clip with MAM O Ring pic 23

14.  Tada!  Happy Snapping!!!

Friday Fun Facts - Who is June 09 2017

It has been a while since I have introduced myself. Hi! I am Gena, the CEO and MOM of I Like Big Buttons! :) is a family run, small business located in beautiful Washington State. We have been serving our customers for over a decade via the internet.

When I am not busy growing our craft business, I am a busy momma of many. I grew up as many of you probably did, crafting with anything I could get my hands on, from twigs to the pansies in my momma's borders. Now I am raising my own children and watching them create little figurines out of twigs and weeds, and turn paper into shreds. If you walked through my house on any given day, you might mistake it for a confetti factory. Bits of paper and imagination are everywhere!!! Since I am up to my elbows in kiddos and crafts, I thought, why not sell crafty things?

Plastic snaps caught my eye first. My husband is the creator of the GotLux Professional Photographic Lighting Accessories, and he used these very snaps in his Pro and ProX models. The colors and usefulness of them drew me in. I discovered the many varied ways they can be used; I was hooked.

So here I am selling KAM plastic snaps and many other craft items that I love with the help of my amazing children and husband. I am sure you will find as much joy in crafting with them as I am. It is a privilege to get to help support my family, teach my children to have a solid work ethic, and be a full-time mom all because of I Like Big Buttons! and your support.

Thank you,

Gena (CEO of


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