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🌺 Cabochon Push Pin Kits and Cover Button Push Pin Kits 🌺 @ September 01 2020

DIY Cherry Blossom Cabochons Push Pins/Thumb Tacks KIT (22 mm) - Makes 10

DIY Size 30 (3/4" (19 mm) Covered Button Push Pins/Thumb Tacks KIT - Makes 10


If you are looking for a super easy, fun, and impactful craft project, these decorative push pins are for you and just in time for the beginning of school.

Using our Cabochon DIY Push Pin Kit or Cover Button DIY Push Pin Kit, you can make these message or corkboard accessories that are super cute and well-received without much effort.

Place a small dab of E-6000 or a comparable adhesive on the metal circle glue pad on the push pins. Then simply press the flower cabochon or completed cover button into place and center it. Allow to dry for the recommended amount of time per adhesive's directions and enjoy!

The hardest part is waiting for the glue to dry. 😜

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I Like Big Buttons! 🧵✂️ DIY Kit Sale 🧵✂️ April 01 2020

We have had a lot of requests for DIY Starter Kits over the years for our most popular supplies. We have compiled our customers' favorite craft findings and supplies into these great Starter Kits. Check them out!

DIY Kit Sale are 10% OFF

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Cover Buttons Starter Kits:

We have assembled several Cover Button kits with our customer's favorite supplies. Jumbo Paper Clips, Pendant Bezels, Thumb Tacks, Jewelry Supplies, Bobby Pins, Snap Barrettes, and Badge Reels. Choose from 3 Cover Button sizes and a variety of finishes/colors. Everything that you need to get started (fabric and glue not included *).

Key Fob Hardware Starter Kits:

We have also put together ready-to-go Key Fob Starter Kits with Pliers in a mix of sizes, finishes, or both. Everything that you need to get started (fabric not included *).

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An I Like Big Buttons Christmas! Idea #14: How To Make Fabric Cover Button Push Pins December 14 2017

Gift Idea #14:

These Fabric Cover Button Push Pins make charming home accents for your cork or inspiration board. I am absolutely in love with their bright colors and functionality! These embellished Fabric Push Pins will jazz up your loved one's organization. :) I use mine to get more organized with my kiddos paperwork, schedules, and notes that I need to keep track of. 


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Our 5 Most Popular Cover Button Tutorials - I Like Big Buttons! September 19 2017

These aren't your grandma's Cover Buttons!!! Well actually they are ;) only better, with so many many great uses for them.

Flat Backs are used for crafts were you would like to glue a cover button: jewelry, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, bobby pins and barrettes, scrap booking, and much more.

Wire Backs are used for fabric cover buttons in sewing, shoes, clothing, pony tail holders and much, much more.

Here are our 5 most popular Cover Button Tutorials:

#1 - Fabric Cover Button Push Pins

#2 - Fabric Cover Button Badge Reels

#3 - Fabric Cover Button Paper Clip Bookmarks

#4 - Lace and Fabric Cover Button Earrings

#5 - Fabric Cover Button Snap Barrettes

I Like Big Buttons! - How To Make Fabric Cover Button Push Pins July 11 2017

Today I am making Fabric Cover Button Push Pins for my cork boards. I am 'trying' to get more organized with my kiddos paperwork, schedules, and notes that I need to keep track of. The cork boards are up, and now I just need some cute embellished Fabric Push Pins to jazz up my organization. :)


1.  Cut your fabric scrap. You will want a circle that is about twice the diameter of your button blank. *TIP* Our All-In-One Cover Button Template makes creating the right size circle of fabric a breeze.

2.  Put your fabric piece in the larger assembly tool piece (RIGHT SIDE DOWN). When you look into the tool you want to see the back of the fabric.

3.  Place the button front (the domed piece) on top of the fabric. Leave the fabric edges hanging out.

4.  Press the cover button edges down into the tool. *TIP* To make it easier on my fingers, I use a sharpie marker to apply pressure.

5.  Place the back cover button piece on top of your fabric and button front. *TIP* If the cover button will be subject to repeated tugging from the back, you may want to add a little e6000 adhesive before attaching the back.

6.  Take the smaller piece of the assembly tool and with the open side down place it on the button back.

7.  Press down. You may hear a pop when the last bit of the button back slips into place. If you take the tool out and the button is not completely secured, just put it back in and press down again. *TIP* I often use a flat piece of wood to apply pressure, again to save my fingers. It also helps to avoid the button back going in at an angle.

8.  When you take the small assembly tool piece off, the fabric edges will be secured underneath the button back.

9.  Remove the button from the larger assembly tool piece.

10.  Tada! Now to attach it to the Thumb Tack and make a Fabric Cover Button Push Pin.

11.  Apply E6000 to back of Cover Button.

12.  Center and press Thumb Tack into place and remove any extra Adhesive.

13.  Let dry and enjoy. Tada, tada!!! So Cute!!!

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