I Like Big Buttons! Family Vacation 2022 July 20 2022

Our I Like Big Buttons! family is going on vacation. 

It's that time of year where we push PAUSE for a week, so that we can spend some real time with our kids outside of the I Like Big Buttons! business routine. A few days where the business doesn't consume our time and energies.

So here's the heads up, if you have been putting off an order, now is the time to make it. We will be accepting orders and shipping until July 29th at 3pm PT and won't reopen until August 9th. Any and all orders made between the evening of July 29th through August 9th will ship out August 10th.

We also will be off Social Media and out of internet range for most of the week, meaning any product or order questions you have won't be answered until we return on August 9th, as we will be enjoying quality time with our family.

Thank you for understanding as we give our patient kiddos some much deserved Dad/Mom attention and time.

Gena and the I Like Big Buttons! Crew

Thank you for  your understanding.  - I Like Big Buttons! Family