Brand New!!! Jumbo Sewing Clips by I Like Big Buttons! February 03 2021

We are so excited to finally carry these. We love them. They are very useful for so many crafting projects as well as around the house.
These jumbo sewing clips have many great uses. Perfect for making quilts, binding, knitting, crocheting, crafting, general sewing, and more. Will hold multiple layered sections of sewing projects such as piping without distortion.
Great alternative to pins especially when working with thicker fabric or fabric you don’t want pin holes in like leather, vinyl, pile or delicate fabrics.
Each clip opens wide to hold layers of fabric and the clip base is flat for easy feeding to the presser foot and won't damage your precious fabric.
They have convenient seam allowance markings on the base for ease of use: 0.20" (5 mm), 0.25" (7 mm), 0.40" (10 mm), 0.60" (15 mm), 0.80" (20 mm), and 1" (25 mm).
  • Like having a “third hand”
  • Easy to open
  • No pin pricks
  • Colorful and easy to spot when dropped on the floor
  • Endless uses and counting
The possibilities are as big as your imagination!

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