– Royal Blue Professional KAM Snap Press and Size 20 Dies GIVEAWAY!!! September 24 2015

Who wants to win a Professional Plastic Snap Press!?!  We are running a Professional Plastic Snap Press Giveaway!!!  KAM Snap presses usher in a new era of plastic snap setting.  Presses allow greater speed, efficiency, and ease of use.  If setting snaps with hand pliers has become arduous, presses are a great alternative.

You will receive one of our Royal Blue Press (as pictured) with a set of Size 20 Dies (will have all the parts to function, no additional expense will be required).  If you can’t wait and want our Pretty Pink Press or Teal Press, take an additional 10% any of our snap related products including presses with coupon code: SNAPLOVE

*If you should happen to buy one of our presses and then find out that you won our Giveaway and are not interested in 2 presses we will issue you a full refund for the press you purchased and we will raffle the press off again :). Win, win!

Giveaway good until Monday 10/5/2015


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Blue Press

T5 Press 3 Parts