– Fourth of July – KAM Snap Removal Pliers GIVEAWAY!!! July 02 2015

Who wants to win a KAM Snap Removal Pliers for Fourth of July!?! We are running a - Happy Fourth of July - KAM Snap Removal Pliers Giveaway!!!  These may be my favorite new tool.  They make removing a broken or miss-set snap a breeze. Enter to Win below.

If you need to remove a plastic snap, this is by far the easiest means for removing it.  Also, take an additional 10% any of our snap related products with coupon code: SNAPLOVE

*If you should happen to buy one of our removal tools and then find out that you won our Giveaway and are not interested in 2 of them we will issue you a full refund for the removal tool you purchased and we will raffle the removal tool off again :). Win, win!

Giveaway good until Monday 7/13/2015


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KAM Snap Removal Pliers pic1

KAM Snap Removal Pliers pic2 with text

KAM Snap Removal Pliers pic6

KAM Snap Removal Pliers pic25

KAM Snap Removal Pliers pic11