I Like Big Buttons.com - Professional KAM Snap Press GIVEAWAY!!! August 31 2014

Who Needs A Giveaway!?! Today we are sponsoring our very 1st I Like Big Buttons! Facebook Giveaway!!! YAY!!!

I was cleaning our work area and found a gem among the mounds and mounds of craft supplies :) An New-In-Box Professional KAM Snap Press (DK-98) that we had bought last year as a backup for ours.

Who wants to win a Professional KAM Snap Press? You will receive a Gold Press (as pictured) with a set of Size 20 Dies (will have all the parts to function, no additional expense will be required). Enter to Win with the Blue Giveaway Tab on the Left.

If you are not interested in a Gold KAM Snap Press or want a Pretty Pink or Teal Press, we have them for sale for 10% off on our website right now. Use Coupon Code: SNAPPRESS

*If you should happen to buy one of our presses and then find out that you won our Giveaway and are not interested in 2 presses we will issue you a full refund for the press you purchased and we will raffle the Gold press off again :). Win, win!

ENTER TO WIN HERE: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Gold Raffle Press

T5 Press 3 Parts