FLASH Sale!!! $14.95 for our Random Mix - KAM Snaps in 1000 Sets (Size 20) May 25 2016

FLASH Sale! Random Mix - KAM Snaps in 1000 Sets (Size 20) are 60% off!!!

You will receive 2 bags of 1000 Caps, 1 bag of 1000 studs, and 1 bag of 1000 sockets.  Each part will be a different color.  These colors will be picked at random, we can not predict which you will get.  It just depends on what we have in stock.

They are on our website for $14.95 (Regularly $34.95) for the next 24 hours!


KAM Snaps 4 colors

*Example of what will be received, the colors shown are not actual colors that will be received.  If you are hoping for a particular color or colors, one of our sample or starter packs may be a better option.

Random Mix Combo